It’s a brother thing right?

Oh the teenaged years! We’ve all been there- or are heading there.  They’re a difficult time full of emotions, acne, hunger, gross stuff and awkwardness (some of us never outgrow that!)  Me and two of my best friends all have brothers the same age and we actually spend are first period spares comparing them- we’re great big sisters!  On the plus side I know my brother is normal!  He sleeps all day, eats everything in the house, and can be occasionally lazy.  He’s smart and athletic, but let’s face it, he has better things to do than schoolwork.

Our younger brothers seem to back talk, fall asleep in random spots in the house, are embarrassed by us and don’t like getting in trouble, but they don’t like following the rules either.  I know the teen years are tough, but can we all just skip ahead to when they come back and thank us and our parents for being hard on them?  That’d be nice.

I’ll stop here as to not embarass my brother anymore!  Do you guys have brothers who do these things to?  Comment below please!


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