Easter, Self-Control and Not Talking

First of all I just wanted to say Happy Easter! 🙂 I’m not religious or anything so to me, Easter is simply a time where we celebrate spring with Easter Egg hunts, baskets of chocolate, and my mom packing the competition dance bag.  I’m not sure of the religious story of Easter and I’m not asking for a lecture on it, but I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter no matter how or what you celebrate.  Everyone celebrates holidays differently, and one of my biggest pet peeves is when people try to force their celebrations/traditions down someone else’s throat.  I’m not religious and I don’t expect you to celebrate my way if you are religious and I hope you don’t expect me to celebrate your way either.  I think it’s great that we live in the 21st century where holidays are so much more versitile and celebrated in different ways.

That was a lot more about religions and Easter than I had planned…

Another thing I wanted to talk about today was self-control and how I lack it.  To understand my story you have to know that my family owns a couple of Dairy Queens in the area and that I’ve worked there since I was 12 (no child labour comments please!)  I will tell you more stories about stupid customers and crazy events as the days go on, but my first story is about the DQ Canada page.  Now if you’ve ever commented on it I apologize in advance, but the majority of the comments on there are so ridiculous.  They’re usually about the product or changes that apparently their local DQs made when really the changes are made by the corporate.  It just bugs me so much because then DQ doesn’t defend the individual stores they just use the same “Sorry —-!  This is unacceptable.  Please contact our customer relations team at—–” message.  I have gotten into many fights on that page and nearly got blocked.  Today I had to use my limited amount of self control and make sure I didn’t say anything.  I usually refrain from reading the page, but sometimes it’s just so entertaining!

Okay last thing!  Do you ever have those days where you’re really quiet?  Not because anything is wrong but just because you don’t feel like talking.  I get those days every so often and people think I’m depressed or dying when really all I’m doing is observing my surroundings.  I like doing that every once in a while- listening instead of talking. 🙂

Anyways, that was a lot! Sorry!  So until I come up with something better- Stay awkward my sassy minions ❤


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