I’m really sick of all this s***

It’s been a long winter here in Southern Ontario. In December it looked as though we would have a really short winter and be out wearing shorts and t-shirts by March Break again this year. This year on Christmas, it wasn’t a winter wonderland outside, heck it was a green winter until mid-January. We all thought the winter would soon be behind us. Unfortunately that’s not the case because as I sit here typing this, it’s s***ing outside.
Snow is a bad word in my house.
It would be in your house too if you own ice cream stores and the snow kept customers away.
I’m just really sick of all this snow. It would have been fine in December/January, even February. But the fact that it is the first of April and it has been snowing for a good twenty minutes is not something I am okay with!
My friends and I joked around a few weeks ago, saying we don’t remember what it’s like to be warm. Is it sad that I actually can’t remember? What’s it like to wear a dress without tights? Or flip flops? Or constantly have your bathing suit on under your t-shirt and shorts because you might go swimming tonight? I don’t remember and that makes me want to cry. I didn’t go away for March Break. I sat at home by the fireplace. We keep getting these glimpses of warm days and then Mother NAture goes and s***s all over the place!
Just once I would love for it to actually get warmer outside, and then not get cold two days later.
As my loving mother once said “What happened to Global Warming?”

Stay awkward and sassy ❤


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