My whole life I’ve had people ask my name- whether it be an assistant on a ride, a Starbucks order, reservation, or to get a dressing room- and each time I loudly and clearly reply, “Emerald.”  Only to be asked three seconds later, “Emily?” NO!

I know the drill: they hear my name, their faces light up with surprise and then they assume they must have heard me wrong so they skip to the next closest/most common name.  I hate it.  I loath the name Emily.  I’ve never had a friend named Emily and I turn my nose up in disgust with that name.  My full name is unique and when people assume I’m an ‘Emily’ I want to shout “STOP TRYING TO CHANGE ME!”

You don’t think my life is hard enough without being called Emily?  I’ve never had a mug, or pen, or paper, or cheap necklace with my name on it.  I had an expensive custom necklace once, but that’s it.  As a child all the other kids in my class had pretty pink pens with their names on it, and I settled for Emma. 

No one in my family calls me Emerald.  It’s usually Em or Emmy.  I love nicknames and so I demanded that my best friends call me Emmy too.  I’ve only had a few people call me Emma though.  One girl in second grade use to call me that and it bugged me because my nickname was Emmy, not Emma.  My cousins call me Emma though and I love it.  I don’t know why, it just suits them and I want to keep it our little thing.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my name, and most people I meet love my name.  But it’s the strangers I run into once in a while who ask for my name and mistake me for Emily, that really piss me off.

To close, I’ll leave you with my first Emily memory.  I was about five years old at a public pool.  I asked the lifeguard a question and she said, “Sure.  What’s your name?” “Emerald.” “Emily? Okay I’ll be right back.”

In all honesty, if I don’t feel up for embarassing someone (which isn’t often) I usually juest pretend my name is Emily and rant about it later.  Fyi that’s what happened yesterday at the mall…


Stay awkward ❤


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