Music, Cleaning and Crossovers

It’s been a while since I did a post that I was actually happy with (I have no idea what my random one four days ago was all about- I was tired) and so I want to make it up to you by posting a few things today. I posted a picture a few minutes ago and I would love if you checked it out too! 🙂
A little thing I wanted to clarify was that I will always update on Wednesdays. I don’t do much Wednesday nights- It’s my TV and homework day! I’m usually dead by the time I get home from school at five anyways from the million dance practices I have at school on Wednesdays! 😛
Does anyone else ever blast music while they clean? I do and I love it! It’s like you can just be in your own little world- singing and dancing as you clean the house! 😀 I really don’t mind cleaning either; I find it very relaxing. My room is always clean because I get stressed out and panic if it’s even a tiny bit messy. I’m the kind of girl who makes my bed every day even though it’s never been something my parents expected me to do! My best friend makes fun of me everytime she comes over because I tell her to ignore the mess in my room and it’s usually “Spotless.” I could clean it more, but apparently it’s perfect for the normal teenager.
I’m listening to music while I’m typing this and I find it very irritating. It’s taking me twice as long because I’m singing along and trying to type at the same time- I should switch to my classical music for this….
Before I go I just wanted to mention that Phineas and Ferb is my all time favourite show. A lot of people call me obsessed- I don’t see it. 😉 Anyways I recently started watching reruns of Kim Possible and I got to thinking how great would it be if KP and Agent P paired up for an hour long crossover episode?! It would be amazing right? Kim Possible was my old Phineas and Ferb, and while I would love a fifth season of Kim Possible I know that an hour crossover is more practical. Spread the word, minions!!

Stay awkward ❤


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