I just want to wallow in self-pity

This morning I woke up and sat in my bed to cry for an hour. Already this seems more depressing and sad than anything else I’ve ever written, but its not that bad- sometimes you just need to be pitiful about yourself. I have stomach problems and we have no idea why. I was already treated for an ulcer, but that wasn’t a permanent solution. I’m trying to not eat as much wheat, but we don’t think it’s an actual allergy. It just gets hard, you know. I’ve missed so much school this year and I can’t even count how many times I’ve thrown up at school. I missed two exams because I was sent home for getting sick just minutes before. I don’t purposely try to miss school- I love going and I just get more stressed out when I miss. There’s a chance I might spend my life in school and become an University professor. On top of all that I feel like everybody gets annoyed with me because I miss so much school and no one knows why. I honestly decided to go to school at the last minute today. I was only going to go for one class and then head home, hence the reason I had my glasses on today. My friends always know it’s a bad day when I come to school with my glasses on, and today was a bad day. Nothing absolutely horrible happened it was just me feeling sick combined with having annoying glasses on my face, random work periods I didn’t need, cancelled plans, a promised blog post to write, watching a 50 minute dance, an intense deadline, no one informing me I had to take my sister to dance and then tons of homework to do when I got home. Sometimes we just have bad days and need to wallow in our self pity. I don’t know what other people do on bad days, but I usually go and watch my john pinette dvd while wrapped up in my snuggie (which is in the wash) Usually I would snack on mini wheats but I can’t eat those anymore 😦 Anyways I hope you’re all having better days than I am and stay awkward ♥


One thought on “I just want to wallow in self-pity

  1. I hate those days where you wake up and already feel like going back to sleep, to just end the day before it’s begun. I write as much as I can when I have a bad day, and turn my bad emotions into something a little more beautiful, and a little more tolerable. Knowing that one of my characters is going through the same thing as me–and surviving it–makes me feel better.

    I hope you’re feeling all right now, and that you have a wonderful day 🙂

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