Oh God, I am so sorry!

After my post last week and my abscences this Wednesday, I wouldn’t blame anyone who thought I had slipped into depression or something, but that is not the case!!

I’ve actually had so many things that I wanted to blog about this week, but never had the time.  And now that I finally have the time, I can’t remember any of them….

I actually shouldn’t have time right now- I should be at school- but when you’re pretty much done every assignment in every class and have marks all over 90, you can take a mental health day every so often.  The thing is I’m not even taking a mental health day!  I’m typing up my ISUs (Independent Study Units) and continuing to work on my book.  My goal is to have it completely written by Prom and I’m getting really close! I’ve had tons of inspiration in the last month and even though I’ve been sort of working on it for two years, I’m finally getting somewhere.

Of course all this inspiration would have been helpful a few months ago.  Maybe then I would have decided to truly follow my dream of being a freelance writer instead of going to University to major in English and History.  Oh well, we’ll see what happens!

Anyway my classes were working on ISUs today at school and I find that I always get way more work done at home in my room than the library or class room at school.  I have everything I need here AND I don’t have to interact with people who would rather be social instead of productive.

It’s a win-win situation!

Anyway, I think my break has been long enough now! Thanks to everyone who reads these and who tried to cheer up my bad mood last week- you are all amazing ❤

Until next time, stay awkward ❤


4 thoughts on “Oh God, I am so sorry!

  1. Haha yeah I completely agree! And thanks 🙂
    Um I don’t like to write in a specific genre (this makes me sound like I don’t care and I’m horrible XD) but if I had to say it would be drama/mystery/romance I guess ahah! 😛

    • Nah I don’t think it makes you sound like you don’t care. It’s better to just write whatever comes than write for a specific genre 🙂
      But that sounds cool–sounds like a lot of tension and suspense!

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