Hey Guys!! :D

So a lot has happened since my last post.  I’ve had a couple of meh days were things don’t go as planned but I’ve had so many great things happen that I don’t even bother to think about the bad.  I’m a strong believer in optimisim and that everything is going to work out eventually if you keep a positive attitude and put yourself out there.

Last week I couldn’t post because I was at an award ceremony and then I had tons of homework to do before I could post.  I won an award for Arts and Culture involvement within my community.  It was a great honour because the awards are a huge deal and I didn’t realize how much I had done until that night.  I have always been really involved in my community and recently invovlved in my school but I thought it was just what I was expected to do.  I’m one of those people who does my best to make sure that teenagers don’t get a bad rep.

We are heading towards the end of the semester at my school right now and it is pretty obvious with the amounts of homework I’ve been getting in the past weeks.  Ionly have three courses but they are all courses that require a lot of planning, scheduling, and working outside of class time.  I have a couple yearbook deadlines coming up, another editorial, some English assignments and my dance class is planning our Senior Dance show.

I’m so excited for my senior dance show as it is a pretty big deal.  The senior class plans a whole show by ourselves and we choreograph all the dances except two.  I’m really excited for it and hope to post my final dances here or on my facebook.

Anyways the worst part about this week was probably that I got the stomach flu the weekend I decided to have a social life and make plans with tons of people.  Oh wee, I’m better now and happy to write this quick update on how my life has been going.

I’ll have a couple more posts later today and this week to make up for my abscenes.  Keep an eye out!

Stay awkward ❤


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