I keep telling myself that I only have one more school day before I get my weekend.  I am so excited for this weekend esspecially after having the stomach flu last weekend.  I can’t even explain how excited I am or even why, but just know that it’s like this insane jittery feeling coursing through my vains and filling me with energy. 

Hopefully I’m buying my Prom shoes this weekend and I’m really excited for that!  I am a total shoeaholic and everyone who knows me expects me to show up to prom with 5″ heels because that’s what I wear whenever I get the chance, but no I’m actually wearing gladiator sandals to go with my whole Egyptian vibe that I’m trying to pull off 😀

That’s really all I wanted to say.  I should do my homework or get ready for my dance show tonight but I’m just way too excited about the weekend to think about anything else.

Stay awkward ❤


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