Let’s Here it for the Weekend!

Okay I want to start off by saying what I thought would be a weekend full of homework and stuff has turned out to be one of the best weekends! 😀

It started Friday.   After school I had to stay for an hour or so to work on an assignment for school.  I was tired from performing all week and was looking forward to going home and resting, but then I got invited to go see The Great Gatsby! 😀 It was the book that I read for my English ISU  (the thing I was supposed to be writing Friday)  A lot of my friends said they wouldn’t go with me because I would over analyze it (which I did) but hey I got to finally see it!! 🙂

Then Saturday I wrote my entire English ISU which proved to be so much easier after watching the movie!  I finished it in the afternoon and then just relaxed for the rest of the day- after I wrapped my sister’s birthday presents that is!

Sunday was my sister’s tenth birthday and I was running around baking cupcakes, decorating the house and porch, and trying to find food colouring all before my parents and her got home.  When she finally got home she was so happy and excited.  We always try to make her birthday special because she’s always at a dance competition that weekend and never home so it was great to see her come home to her favourite cupcakes and tons of presents.

And now today I’m heading out to my first prom dress fitting and hopefully going to watch some fireworks tonight! 🙂

I hope everyone else is having an amazing weekend and stay awkward ❤


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