The best part about last night is that I remember it…

As a teenager I here stories about crazy weekends with drugs and alcohol and lost memories; and for the life of me I can not figure out why people find that fun!  First of all there’s the risk of being caught, arrested, hospitalized, or even blacking out and never waking up.

Oh, but sorry, you had “fun!”


Yeah ok.

I’m sure I’ve told people before that when I turn the legal age I’d drink once but I honestly don’t think I will.  It doesn’t appeal to me and I don’t see how it could be fun at all- not having control over what you said, being embarrassed the next day, possibly not remembering it- not fun!

Anyway, last night my best friend invited me swimming after I watched a one-man show at school.  Her and my other friend brought me Starbucks when they picked me up.  We gossiped about prom dresses and went over our plans for next weekend.  Then we headed to her house to go swimming during the pouring rain! 🙂

Afterwards we went out for dinner where our other friend works, and man that was an adventure in it’s own!! She was the hostest and we constantly called her over to talk and bug her about her gossiping managers.  I’m actually surprised she didn’t get in trouble.  When we left we threw a $1.10 tip at her and then waited Uptown until she was done.  When she was done we sat in the town square to work on a gift for our dance teacher and practiced our dances in the middle of the square XD

We still had time before heading home so we went to the town’s park (in the pouring rain!) and took videos of us ‘twerking’ in the rain under street lights.


My point was I had so much fun- our theme song of the night was “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got)”- and we made all these crazy memories and inside jokes while being sober!! I know it’s crazy and unheard of, but we had fun and it was the best Friday night I’ve had in a long time.

Anyways, stay awkward (and don’t drink for fun!) ❤


One thought on “The best part about last night is that I remember it…

  1. That sounds like a lot of fun! I totally agree with you–I want to be sober every minute I’m around friends, so that I can remember all the crazy and hilarious stuff that happens. Besides, there’s a certain drunkenness that comes just from being around friends that alcohol really can’t get you!

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