Shark Week! :D

ImageSo it’s Shark Week and in my household we take Shark Week very seriously! 

My mom and I (and my little sister, I guess) made cupcakes to celebrate this awesome week.  In this picture we have three different types.  All are French Vanilla with Vanilla icing.

My favourite are the shark fin ones.  We used sky blue food colouring, but didn’t mix the icing entirely so that it looked more like waves.  Then we bought some royal blue chocolate buttons and melt them down.  My mom put the melted chocolate into a piping bag and drew the fins up on a cutting board wrapped in plastic wrap, then we put them in the freezer while the cupcakes baked. When they were ready to be decorated, we just stuck the fins on top of the iced cupcakes.

The beach ones were really fun to make, but not my favourite to eat.  My mom put vanilla icing on the tops and then I rolled one side into a bowl of brown sugar and then my mom used the blue icing to make waves.  I stuck some paper umbrellas in them and voilà!  We had little beaches for our sharks.

The last ones just had blue icing and sprinkles to look like waves.  I took some gummy sharks I got from the bulk barn and put them on toothpicks to make it look like they were jumping out of the ocean.


All in all, these were some of my favourite cupcakes to make and they taste pretty darn delicious too! 

I hope everyone enjoys shark week as much as my family; stay awkward! 🙂



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