Daily Prompt: A Simple Push of the Button Changes the Pattern and the Hue

I actually had a tough time with this one.  I couldn’t remember what the last song I listened to was and then when I looked at my phone it said “Hearts a Mess” from the Great Gatsby soundtrack.  BUT THEN I remembered that my phone had just rang and that my ringtone is “My Sweet Ride” from Phineas and Ferb, and I just couldn’t ignore that!

Now I have never written anything for the Daily Prompt so I don’t know the rules or what.  But it said to write for 15 minutes, so I’ll do just that and then just post what I end up with.

I’m still new to the blogging community and in all honesty I don’t know where this blog is heading.  I just love writing and am occasionally told that I’m funny, so I’ll just see where that takes me for now.  Hopefully I’ll gain some dedicated followers who can share some of their similar experiences with me! 🙂

And if not, well whatever, I’m having fun.

Okay while I’m writing this I’m also trying to call my doctor who said the office would be answering phones starting at 1:30 but clearly they were lying.

Maybe I shoould talk about the song….

Well since I’ve gotten a phone back in seventh grade I’ve only had two types of ringtones!  My first one was “White and Nerdy” by Weird Al because I considered it my theme song.  After that they have always been Phineas and Ferb themed (well except for that one day when I tried to have Rue’s whistle as my ringtone but it was just too quiet!)

I even changed my mom’s ringtone so that every time I call her it’s a song sung by Candace!

To finish off this super random daily prompt I leave you with a list of my past ringtones that you are more than welcome to check out on Youtube! (I’d link you, but I have to take this call so I can’t really figure it out right now!)

  • Agent P theme song
  • Evil Love
  • My Name is Doof and you’ll do what I say (whoop whoop!)
  • Let it Snow sung by Isabella
  • “Whatcha doing?”
  • My Sweet Ride

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: A Simple Push of the Button Changes the Pattern and the Hue

  1. I have so many Phineas and Ferb songs on my iPod–they’re just so fun! If I could make one of the PnF songs my ringtone (which I can’t, cause my phone is old :P), I’d have to choose Fabulous. My phone telling me I’m fabulous every time I get a call? Sounds pretty awesome to me 😀

  2. So apparently I just saw this comment and I feel horrible! Sorry!
    Yeah I actually love Phineas & Ferb songs so much-m they’re just so clever and upbeat!
    Have you heard the remix from one of the Halloween episodes? It’s currently my ringtone 😛

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