A Glance into my Mind as I Figure out Who I Am

Through personal reflection, I have come to the conclusion that who you are attracted to says something about what kind of person you are. I’m going to share some general things people (okay, girls) are attracted to and then I’ll share some personal ones.

Most girls I know like boys who are older then them, I think that might be because of a need for security (wheter emotional or finicial). These might be people who are unsure of what they want in life and are looking for guidance.  Or you just find wrinkles sexy- I don’t know. Personally I’ve been attracted to guys a couple years- or months- younger than me. Not in a creepy way; more like I’m older so I’m in charge and I’ll follow my grandma’s footsteps kind of way.

I think I have power issues.

There’s a theory out there, that is shown in Hamlet and other great works of literature,  that people are attracted to what they know. Meaning they are attracted to people like their parents.  Personally, I’ve always wanted someone who will check on me and my future kids during the night. It’s something my dad has always done and whenever I sleep somewhere else I often panick about what would happen if I just stopped breathing and no one was there to check on me! Both of my parents wear glasses (I also wear glasses) and am typically more attracted to people with glasses. Please note they have to be those awesome big frame, hipster glasses. I don’t know why, but people with glasses seem more trustworthy and loyal to me. Clearly, from past experiences that does not always prove true.

The last thing I wanted to mention about my personal attraction is that I do not like guys who are way taller than me. I’m only 5’5″ and that makes me taller than some of my friends but also the shortest in my family (aside from my sister who isn’t done growing yet, but will probably be a giant.)

I didn’t realize this until my brother had a growth spurt; now whenever he is behind or beside me it feels like he is hovering or breathing done my neck. I like my personal space and maybe that’s just me being picky, but the closer to my eye level you are, the better chance you have. This also may have something to do with my shoe collection being 50% heels and when I wear heels, I wear them to be taller than everyone else.

Again, power issues.

So I really didn’t talk about many other general attractions but I hope this allows you to come to your own conclusions about who you are, or at least feel less shallow when you judge people on their looks.

Also if you’re a guy shorter than 6 feet, now you know that at least one girl is attracted to you!


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