My Personal Reasons for Not Necessarily Wanting Kids

Hello! I’m back! I really don’t have a reason for my absence, I’m just lazy (See post about Snuggie and Food Network!)

Anyways, recently people keep asking me about kids or saying that I’d be a good mother (or a not so good one). So before anyone else starts commenting on my maternal nature or the fact that because I ask about a toy at a store I must be shopping for my kids, read over this list. Remember nothing is set in stone but this is how I feel right now.

  1. First of all, I’m only 18 and no I did not get knocked up in high school.
  2. Childbirth. Ow.
  3. I don’t handle being sick very well and vomiting every morning (no matter how much I’ll “glow”) is just not for me
  4. I don’t have the patience needed to raise a child
  5. I’m scared I won’t be able to raise a child who turns out alright, or who I like as a person
  6. I don’t agree with so much of the school system and I can’t imagine sending someone I love through that.
  7. In regards to number 6, I will never homeschool. How are they supposed to learn social skills??
  8. I will probably force my child into gymnastics or horseback riding. And they will probably join the circus. (The things I wish I did!)
  9. The world is a cruel place and as a parent you can only protect your child from so much.
  10. My kid might not have the no-care attitude and tough skin I had, that’s needed to deal with bullies and other girls.
  11. Technology is a terrible, scary thing
  12. I want to travel and move around a lot. I can’t picture doing that with a child who needs friends, an education, and stability.
  13. I was an easy teenager, but what if my child isn’t?
  14. I don’t want to be an old mom, or a single mom.
  15. I’ve looked after my siblings and other people’s kids more than enough.
  16. I really only want one child but that’s not fair to the kid. Growing up with siblings is fun and important, but I’d rather spoil one child. I also don’t think I could deal with everyone asking me when I’ll have another one.
  17. Girls are catty. Boys are difficult.
  18. Too many gender stereotypes.
  19. Our world is not accepting enough to just accept pure love without labels.

Maybe some day I’ll write a list on why I want children, but this is how I feel right now. Not everyone wants the traditional marriage and family. Family means something different to everyone. And besides, I’m sure I’ll make a damn good aunt!


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