2013 Recap

First of all let me apologize for making my New Year post 17 days late. I needed to get access to internet and when I did have internet I didn’t have my photos (of course!)
In 2013, I kept a box and filled it with all the great things that happened that year, and on New Year’s eve my best friend and I spent 45 minutes going through them all. 2013 was not the best year for my family and I in a few ways, but I was reminded of all the good things that could happen and the little things that made me over-joyed at the time. Reading everything was amazing and just helped fuel my optimism that life is great, but the fact that I was able to write down good things on days where I could have been crying over all the bad things just proved how powerful this exercise is. I recommend it to everyone. Without further ado, please enjoy some pictures! 🙂 Happy New Year

These were just some of my favourites, but you get the idea.
May 2014 be as great of a year as it could be for everyone!
Stay Awkward,
xox Em


One thought on “2013 Recap

  1. This is a fantastic idea! I like that you have a mix of the really big good things, and then little goods things. A great reminder that every day can be good and special, even if nothing extravagant happens 🙂

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