10 Things Nobody told me about university

  1.  Classes will not get cancelled as often as you are thought to believe
  2.  Sometimes the professors actually want to help you; regardless of class sizes. You just have to swallow your pride and go to them.
  3.  There are some classes that have reading lists that are impossible to stay on top of. You’ll just have to do your best and realize what’s really important early on.
  4.  Three hour lectures are some of the best classes (in my opinion) and you have a week in between to procrastinate.
  5.  You have to learn how to make friends all over again. And that’s hard because the last time you did that you were like 7.
  6.  You could make it a nonstop party if you wanted to, but you can just as easily go a year without going to a party.
  7.  You will fail.
  8.  For some classes you just have to read the textbook and it is going to feel like a waste of money, but no matter how much you pray, your professor will not teach anything besides what is in the textbook.
  9.  Some professors actually do take attendance. And you get marks for it.
  10.  Midterms sneak up on you when you are too busy writing blog posts.

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