Weather Updates

For those of you not in Canada let me start by saying we have a lot of snow. And what do people do when it’s snowing out? They make weather updates on Facebook and Twitter that make people question why we even have windows anymore. Here’s my take on weather updates. Some were posted on my Facebook, but I stopped when I remembered I’m the only one that uses Facebook.

  • Weather Update: Still questioning why I live in Canada
  • Weather Update: Not Sure if that’s my dog or a polar bear
  • Weather Update: Forgotten what it feels like to be warm
  • Weather Update: Can’t see over the snow banks
  • Weather Update: Cold air hurts face
  • Weather Update: Skated to bus stop
  • Weather Update: Buying all the blankets on the shelf at Homesense
  • Weather Update: Too gross for school
  • Weather Update: Refreshing email every thirty seconds in hopes of cancelled classes
  • Weather Update: Out of hot chocolate
  • Weather Update: Opened my window and now my room looks like Florida

Stay warm and awkward my friends



6 thoughts on “Weather Updates

  1. Ugh tell me about it! For some reason, my house’s snowbanks are higher than everyone else’s in the neighbourhood. They’re much taller than me and it’s kind of a shame I’m not a kid anymore–they’d make the perfect mounds for snow forts.

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