Sunshine Award

Okay so my blog friend Valourborn keeps nominating me for awards but I’m always too lazy to do anything about it. Now that I have some idea of where my blog is heading (yeah I need to update my bio and headline…) I’ve decided to actually do the post that comes along with the nomination. At the very least I might get some more dedicated followers and views!

Okay so I have to put this picture with the post. Is it there? Maybe, who knows?

Okay and these are the rules- bear(bare?) with me:

1) Use the logo above in the post.

2) Link to whoever nominated you.

3) Write ten pieces of information about yourself.

4) Nominate ten fellow bloggers “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogsphere.”

5) Leave a comment on the nominees’ blogs to tell them of the award.

Alright and I guess I’ll just give some facts about myself and then find ten (!) other blogs to nominate! 🙂 Thanks again Valourborn! 🙂

10 Facts:

I draw a blank every time I try to do this part so I texted some of my friends (and my mom) this is what I got:

1) You’re a published author (Mom)

2) You make nice beaded jewellery (Jess)

3) You like to/are good at taking charge (Jess)

4) I often cancel plans if I make them too far in advance or get sick before huge parties. Anxiety runs in my family and I think I suffer from a bit of social anxiety. It isn’t terrible, but it does take a lot of work some days to go to events where I won’t know as many people or won’t have my best friends with me. Sometimes I hate making new friends so I always appreciate when someone talks to me first, because then once I’m comfortable, I’ll never stop talking!

5) I’ve been dancing since before I can remember, but I actually prefer to choreograph

6) My biggest fear is that one day I won’t be able to leave my house.

7) My favourite colour is purple, because it’s the colour of royalty and that shows what I think of myself.

8) I can actually be very manipulative and that scares me a bit

9) I’m working on a new writing project, but I’m trying to keep it a secret in case it falls through

10) I’m working on getting my Bachelor degree in English and History so I can get a Masters and Doctorate in Egyptology

And now for some nominees! A lot of blogs that I follow don’t accept nominations. I’m going to post my favourite here anyways so you can check them out, then read the note below 🙂

1) The Better Man Projects– his title kind of says it all, but it’s a blog that can always make me smile and inspire me to do better.

2) The Sir Letters– Just started following this blog, but it is fun and creative. I love the writing and the story; highly recommended!

3) Beaus and Bows– for the Fashionista in all of us.

*I really did try to find other blogs to nominate but most of the blogs I follow are already popular and don’t accept award nominations. If anyone thinks they should be nominated or has a friend they think should be nominated, let me know and I’ll go check out their blog and update this! 🙂


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