The Dressmaker’s Daughter

** For my children’s literature class, my friend and I created a fairy tale loosely based off of Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. There are pictures, but even I have yet to see all of them! For now enjoy the story and I hope you agree with our final message. xo Em**

Every day after lunch, Princess Rosanna went out behind the palace to meet Sam. Sam was the dressmaker’s daughter. She would pick up Princess Rosanna’s fabrics and designs to take to her mother and would later return with the finished product.

Princess Rosanna really liked Sam.

Sam had just turned 18 and had to start making some of Princess Rosanna’s dresses herself. Today was Princess Rosanna’s first fitting with Sam and the Queen.

“Hello Sam,” the princess said.

“Your majesty,” Sam curtsied.

Princess Rosanna didn’t like that Sam had to curtsy for her. She found it silly and would rather have Sam hug her like when they met behind the palace in secret. But the Queen was watching and Sam had to follow society’s rules.

Princess Rosanna stood on the little stool as Sam walked around her- pinning and fixing ribbons that were out of place. Her hands shook and she dropped a pin. Both the princess and Sam bent down to pick it up. Princess Rosanna grabbed Sam’s hand,

“Sam, please relax.” The princess whispered as the Queen stared.

“Samantha, please do hurry up. Rosanna has other things to attend to before her big ball tomorrow.” The Queen snarled.

The princess smiled at Sam again before standing up.

The King and Queen were planning a huge ball for Princess Rosanna’s 18th birthday. They were planning on inviting princes from all the other kingdoms. Princess Rosanna was supposed to pick one to marry, but she didn’t want to marry any of the princes. She wanted to marry Sam someday.

After the fitting, the Queen and Princess Rosanna headed back to the palace. The servants were busy decorating cupcakes and blowing up balloons, but they all stopped to ask the princess if she was excited for her party.

She wasn’t, and the Queen’s sister gave Princess Rosanna a big hug when she told her why.

“Aunt Zandra, mother says I can’t invite Sam to my ball. She says it’s only for family and the upper class. And princes.” Princess Rosanna pouted.

Zandra was the strangest of Princess Rosanna’s aunts and she often complained that she was not Princess Rosanna’s godmother. But she was the only one who listened to Rosanna and the only one who knew how much she loved Sam.

“I have an idea,” said Zandra, “If you really want Sam to come to your party, you’ll eat this magic apple tomorrow night.”

Princess Rosanna looked at her aunt.

“I’m not a child, Aunt Zandra. There are no such things as magic apples. But, I’ll take it anyways, in case I get hungry.” Princess Rosanna grabbed the apple and ran up the stairs to her bedroom.

The next night was the night of Princess Rosanna’s birthday ball. She had just finished getting dressed in the lovely gown Sam had made her, when she remembered the apple. She guessed it would be a while until she could eat again so she picked up the apple and took a big bite!

The princess started feeling dizzy so she stumbled to her bed.

“I think I’ll just lie down for a minute.” As soon as the princess got on her bed, she fell into a deep sleep.

A few minutes later, the King and Queen knocked on her door.

“Rosanna, you’ve missed your entrance! Everyone is waiting.” The Queen whispered harshly. When there was no answer the King and Queen opened the princess’ door.

“Oh my! Our princess! Someone help!” The King called down the stairs.

Zandra and many of the servants rushed to Princess Rosanna’s side.

“She’s cold!” one said.

“She must be dead,” another cried.

“She’s not dead. She’s just in a deep sleep. Only an act of true love can wake her.” Zandra stated coolly.

“Zandra, why did you do this?” the Queen asked for she knew right away this was Zandra’s doing.

“Because unlike you, I care about Rosanna’s happiness and this was the only way to show you how ignorant you are!” Zandra stormed out of the bedroom as the King called the visiting princes to Princess Rosanna’s side.

“Please, one of you must wake her! Do anything you can think of to prove you love her. I will grant the prince who wakes Princess Rosanna with her hand in marriage!” the King promised.

The servants watched on in awe as the first, Prince Alexander, grabber a plastic rose from his pocket, even though there were real roses on the princess’ nightstand. He took three steps towards the princess and laid the plastic rose beside her.

“My lady, I will love you until this flower dies.” He kissed her hand, but the princess continued to sleep.

“That doesn’t surprise me,” the cook whispered, “He should have given her real flowers!”

Prince Liam was next. He grabbed a pen and paper off the princess’ desk and quickly wrote down a poem. The servants whispered amongst themselves about what he could possibly be writing. When he was finished, he quietly read the poem to Princess Rosanna. The maid was beside the bed and had heard the poem. She swooned and the rest of the servants looked confused.

“I wonder why the princess didn’t like it.” One whispered.

“Maybe he’s just not her true love,” another replied.

The last, a prince by the name of Noah, bravely stepped forward and in his loudest voice, pledged to slay the next dragon that threatened Princess Rosanna’s life.

The people in the room stopped to see if a dragon would fly by the palace. When nothing happened, the King began to cry.

“Oh it’s no use! If that didn’t work, there must be no real acts of true love.”

“Your majesty, we will try again. I believe I have a song that is sure to wake the princess up!” Prince Liam said.

“Oh, perhaps you could try playing the guitar too!” a servant shouted.

The three princes and the servants were so busy thinking of new ways to show their love for the princess that they didn’t notice Sam sneaking into the room. They did, however, notice Princess Rosanna stirring.

“Oh look, the princess! The rose must have worked! I will marry her in the morning.” Prince Alexander declared.

“No, I will, for it was I who continues to protect her from dragons!” said Prince Noah.

“It was my song she heard last. I am her true love!” Prince Liam shouted.

The princes continued to bicker over who would marry Princess Rosanna. The servants began placing bets on who they thought had awoken the princess.

“Oh, don’t be silly! None of you are my true love!” Princess Rosanna shouted over all the noise.

“Then who was it my dear?” the King asked.

“Why, it was Sam. The true love of my life.”

“Who’s Prince Sam?” someone asked.

“She’s not a Prince. She’s the dressmaker’s daughter.” Sam walked closer to Princess Rosanna’s bed and sat down, ignoring the look of shock on the Queen’s face.

“And if it’s alright with you, she is the one I will marry someday.” Princess Rosanna took Sam’s hand and they walked out of the room together.

“Well, they really do look happy together,” The Queen smiled, “I’d be happy to have Sam as my daughter in law.”

The End.


4 thoughts on “The Dressmaker’s Daughter

  1. A truly lovely story 🙂 It makes me wish that the original fairytale writers had included themes like this–actually expanded on the concept of true love–but then again, I guess that’s what we modern writers have to do.

    • Thank you! 🙂
      My class spent a lot of time looking at the values from fairy tales- this felt like a deserving next step.
      And it was definitely a lot of fun deciding what fairy tale to twist around and then writing it ahaha!

    • Hi,
      Thank you for your comment, I’m glad you enjoyed the story.
      Unfortunately I did not do the illustrations. If my friend feels comfortable with posting them I will, but until now it’s just the story 🙂

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