Happy Anniversary!

A year ago today I was procrastinating writing an English essay when I signed up to start my first blog. A year has passed and nothing has changed (I’m supposed to be writing a Women Studies paper right now!)

I don’t really know what to say, but I knew I should say something as soon as I logged onto WordPress and saw it was my one year anniversary.

I know my blog had a kind of rough start because I really didn’t plan out what it would be about, but now that I know I want to publish more fictional pieces and just general life lessons, I couldn’t be happier! 🙂 I will be writing a lot more as soon as school is out, and I’m excited for you all to read what I have planned!

I want to give a quick thank you to all my new followers and commenters- as cheesy as it sounds, the notifications really do make my day! I also want to give a huge thank you to my Facebook friends who have to endlessly put up with my statuses begging them to read my blog- I know some of you do and it means the world to me. I would like it better if you commented and gave feedback, but baby steps.

A final thank you to Valourborn for being my first real supporter and always provided helpful and cheerful comments. I suggest checking out their blog; there are always great post that are interesting to read. I don’t know how I would have survived all my posts without your comments and likes, so thank you! 🙂

Okay, that’s enough procrastination for now, thanks everyone and I look forward to another great year! 😀

xo Em


One thought on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. Woo, happy anniversary! 😀 Aw, I’m actually really touched that my comments meant so much to you. You certainly deserved them, and I was happy to support you 🙂 I can’t wait to see where your blog will go–here’s to another great year!

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