What Does Your Bio Say About You?


          Bios are funny things aren’t they? Our world is full of them, from D-list celebrities and people who haven’t lived long enough to have substantial material for a full book, to everyone with a social media account.

          Focusing on social media bios, what do they really say about us? Too many people fill their Twitter bios with lyrics to their favourite songs or quotes that are often misattributed to William Shakespeare.  Yes, I have used quotes before and I have used the small box to tell my life story. But more recently I’ve been filling my bios with a glimpse into my life in a few words. I try to convey that I’m extremely sarcastic and have a somewhat cynical sense of humor with the smallest word count possible. Because isn’t that what our generation is all about? 140 character or less?

          I think the perfect example of this is my Instagram bio, which inspired this whole thing.

White and Ginger Minority.

Unofficial Queen of Buzzfeed.

          What does this say about myself? Well first of all that I don’t really take things seriously. The “White and ginger minority” comes from applying for scholarships. Every minority in race and sexuality can get scholarships, which is great, but there is a lack of scholarships for just being white. Now maybe that’s because history has been extremely fair to whites, but we can’t get rid of racism and discrimination if we are constantly giving out scholarships just because someone’s ancestors were here first. And I know that it’s a lot more complicated than that. I am studying history and have been for years, but I’m simplifying it to make a point, because that’s what humans do.

          I have also seen scholarships on some ridiculous minorities or on a type of persons that stereotypically is bullied. What about redheads? I have heard stories of so many other redheads being bullied and ridiculed for their hair colour. I’ve never been called a witch or an offspring based on dirty sex or an affair, but I have been told I don’t have a soul more times than I would like to admit. Maybe that’s why I have such a twisted sense of humor. My point is, who determines which minorities are worth rewarding? Who determines what a minority is? Because you can’t tell me that redheads are going to be extinct in thirty years and that we aren’t a minority in the same sentence.

And for that I demand my University career be paid for in full!

Kidding. Sort of.

Now on to the Unofficial Queen of Buzzfeed. Ages ago, before Buzzfeed was popular, some horrible person introduced me to the site and got me addicted. Y’all can thank my mom for all those lists and posts I share on Facebook! It’s gotten to the point where if my closest friends know about Buzzfeed it’s because I introduced them to it. I told them about the app and I’m the reason why they missed that lecture in history. Because I have declared myself the Unofficial Queen of Buzzfeed. Though by the publicity I’m giving Buzzfeed, I should really be the Official Queen.

Some days I share up to 10 Buzzfeed lists/posts in a day. I have specific styles of what lists gets posted on to which friend’s wall. If I told you I had separate folders for each friend, would you be surprised? Anything can be posted on Jess’ wall; Andrew Garfield, Spiderman and boys get posted on my other BFF’s wall; history and procrastination jokes on my history friend’s wall; food and dog videos on my mom’s wall. I have a system.

I don’t remember where I was going with all this….

Oh yes! Bios can say a lot about people. If you know them personally you may know the stories (such as the ones I shared above) that caused the quote or short sentences or song lyrics. If you don’t know the person you think, “Wow this Emerald chick thinks highly of herself.” Bios give us a glance into people’s lives and open windows for judgement (whether positive or negative). I’ll share some of my other social media bios and feel free to tell me what you learn (if I didn’t already spell it out) and tell me what your bios say about you?


Majoring in English and History; unofficial promoter of the Snuggie; writer; future comedian; dancer; redhead; specialist in sarcasm; food enthusiast; feminist; atheist; nerd; fangirl for way too many things.

We Heart It:

Fluent in Irony and Sarcasm. White and Ginger Minority.

(And then my cover photo is of Snow White and it says “Twerk It”)


Just read it on your own, it’s right under About. It used to be a lot stupider.


3 thoughts on “What Does Your Bio Say About You?

  1. I’m working on some bios right now actually, as I try to set up my own social media sites so I can spend the summer getting myself out there, so to speak. I really like the way you’ve taken a few key parts of your personality/identity that are striking and also indicative of your other personality traits. It works well to really speak about who you are without being too overwhelming or precise 🙂

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