Update/ A List of Reasons Why I Haven’t Posted in a While

I’m sorry for making this type of post I truly am, but I would like to update everyone.

  • I recently started a full time summer job (yay!) working the night shift (boo!) so that’s eating up a lot of my time.
  • My sister just finished up her dance season and I was doing a lot with the competitions and shows
  • I  currently don’t have Wi-Fi so whenever I get out to the library during the day, posting a blog post in last on my list and then it’s time for me to leave 😦


Good news though!

  • I have been working on a couple new pieces of fiction and was going to post my latest one (called The Morning After) but I’m not sure if I want to release it to the public yet. It hasn’t undergone much editing or reviewing and as the title suggests it has implications of more mature themes #sorrynotsorry
  • I also have an idea about another dance/sport related topic that I’m currently working on so once I finish it you can expect a REAL post
  • I’m thinking of introducing you guys to my favourite characters that I’ve been working and creating with since 2011- any thoughts? I can give bios, short stories of them and answer some questions about the creation process if anyone is curious! Let me know!
  • Finally I recently shot a commercial (link at the end) and got a tattoo- so yay! 🙂

Thanks guys for sticking around and thank you to all my new followers; I promise to post soon!

xo Em.



3 thoughts on “Update/ A List of Reasons Why I Haven’t Posted in a While

  1. Whew, sounds like you’ve been busy! 😀 That’s so cool that you were in a commercial–and yay for full-time jobs and tattoos!

    As for your characters, I would be insanely interested in reading about them. I love hearing authors’ opinions on their own characters and hearing where their inspiration comes from 🙂

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