An Interview With Myself

I always see people answering fun questions and doing interviews and it makes me mad because I want to answer fun questions too!! Here are some questions I decided to ask myself. Feel free to ask me fun questions in the comments below or try interview yourself- I promise it’s fun! 😛

1.) Do you have any nicknames?
Okay so I love nicknames, but whenever I tell people my name they get super excited and then proceed to call me “Emerald” instead of cute nicknames and it actually bugs me a lot. I love my name, but I would much rather be called “Em” “Emmy” or “Emma” because “Emerald” just sounds like I’m in trouble.

2.) What’s the story behind your name?
Named after the Emerald City and Aunty Em from my mom’s favourite movie (The Wizard of Oz), though my dad wanted to name me Willow or Sapphire. Oh and if I was a boy my name was supposed to be Riley Noel #themoreyouknow

3.) What’s one story you always tell new people?
Probably about the time when I got my head stuck in a chair at Harvey’s when I was five years old. I thought I had a special talent.

4.) Favourite book/author?
My favourite author will forever and always be Eric Walters who I am dying to meet someday!! I bought three(!) signed books by him the other day and it was like the happiest day of my life. I’ve been a huge fan ever since he came to my school and I read The Money Pit Mystery when I was nine or something.
My favourite book however is The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater. She’s another one of my favourite authors and this book is perfect for me because I see so much of myself in the characters. I actually contemplated auditioning for the role of Puck when they were talking about making it into a movie. (If anyone has details about this, let me know!)

5.) What’s a habit you have that no one knows about?
If I smell something I don’t like (cigarette smoke, alcohol, too much perfume, a skunk) I will breath out my nose three times really quickly as if I’m trying to cleanse my sense of smell.

6.) What’s your addiction?
Stride Peppermint gum. It’s the key to my heart and I buy this stuff in bulk.
Dancing. No seriously, I’ve tried quitting before and my body went into withdrawal.

7.) What’s your biggest fear?
Becoming an Agoraphobic. I’m terrified that someday I will just stop leaving my house. I have a very active imagination and am really good at imagining the worst possible things that could ever happen to me. My biggest fear is that I will become afraid of everything to the point where I can’t leave the “Safety” of my own home. It doesn’t help that I’m already extremely introverted and can spend days in my house without any desire to leave or go outside.

8.) Biggest insecurity?
I’m actually a very confident person. I have no issues with my body (beside the occasional bad hair day and wanted to rip my eczema covered skin off my body) and aside from talking too much I don’t think I really have habits that annoy people (or frankly I don’t care) but I always get EXTREMELY insecure when people read my writing. It’s actually been a huge step for me to share my writing online and to show my parents some of my more romantic “aw” moment stuff, but there are still some moments where I spend weeks debating if I want to share something. In fact that piece I mentioned a few blog posts ago (The Morning After) was what I was originally going to post but I chicken out and neglected to save it on to the computer I’m currently using. It was also a piece that I had my best friend read and had to physically stop myself from tearing my computer away from her because I wasn’t sure if she’d like it. Maybe someday I’ll share it. But yeah, this is definitely my biggest insecurity I think because in my writing I’m so vulnerable. None of my characters are perfect and they always have one flaw or controversial opinion that makes it hard for them to like and that is almost always taken from myself.

9.) Favourite TV Show?
Phineas and Ferb. That show is my childhood and life!

10.) Favourite movie(s)?
Wreck it Ralph was first to come to mind but Toy Story is definitely a most watched movie in my life

11.) Celebrity crush?
Andrew Garfield. It’s not even a secret.

Okay I think that’s enough for now. Remember ask away in the comments and try to ask yourself some questions too! Start with the basics and maybe do a second part with crazy questions 🙂
xo Em


3 thoughts on “An Interview With Myself

  1. This looks fun! If no one else is gonna interview you, might as well do it yourself, yeah? 😉

    First–Phineas and Ferb rock! Oh, how I cringe when people say, “Isn’t that for kids?”

    Second, I’m surprised you have such insecurities about your writing… We’re opposite, in that regard. I love sharing my writing, maybe because I don’t talk much (another thing we’re opposite in :P) and it’s one of the few ways I feel comfortable speaking my mind. I hope you become more comfortable though, with time, because you are a lovely writer 🙂

    Now I have some questions, nosy me!
    1) Where would you consider to be your second home/”happy place”?
    2) The weirdest spot you’ve ever tried writing?
    3) An event that traumatized you forever?
    4) Your biggest pet peeve?

    • Haha, that’s what I figured! Take matters into my own hands!

      It’s not so much that I dislike my writing; I usually am very proud of what I’ve written, but it’s the fear that somebody will disapprove of what I write or worse I’ll find out everyone lies to me and someone will finally tell me my writing sucks. I guess we all need one insecurity, eh?

      Yay, more questions!
      1)Hmm that’s a tough one, my home is my home. The places I used to say were my second homes (my grandparent’s house in Drumbo, my dance studio, my parent’s business) are no longer in my life anymore. SO I’m going with the beach. I’m always happy at the beach or in water in general. Yup, that’s my second home now.
      2) Back row of a balcony at my little sister’s dance competition with a notebook I bought ten minutes earlier. I wrote a pretty intense make-out/fight scene.
      3) I’m very claustrophobic and a few years ago I was in the walk-in freezer at work when the other girl with me kicked the box from holding the door open and walked upstairs. You have to understand that I had been in the freezer thousands of times in my 17 years and had never gotten trapped. I had no idea how to get out and I knew no one could hear me. I was seriously convinced I was going to die from either freezing or having a heart attack.
      4) I have sooo many pet peeves but the one on the top of my list is when anything buzzes past my ear- ugh!

  2. Mm, I totally get it 🙂 If it’s any consolation, I’m telling you with 100% honesty that your writing doesn’t suck. So the only people who’re lying to you are the ones who say you’re not a good writer 😉

    1) Hm, sorry to hear your second homes aren’t in your life anymore :/ But the beach is a lovely place to have as a second home 🙂
    2) Haha that’s great!
    3) Ooh, that sounds awful D: Traumatizing for sure! I’m with you in the claustrophobia department–not fun :S
    4) Ew, yeah :/

    Thanks for answering my questions 😀

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