A Splattering of Thoughts

Hey guys,

Just popping in to say I’m in the midst of exam season and up to my eyeballs in essays (English major problems.) I am not abandoning my blog, I just may not be around until the middle of December.

As you can probably tell I have just experienced a highly creative period that started around the time I posted “Sam & Alex,” reached its peak with “Liviana” and is just starting to wind down now with the posting of “Live or Die” which was originally called “Sarah” but was renamed to reinforce the idea that you decide her destiny.

I still have half started ideas that I want to finish up and hopefully I can do that in between exams, essays, and creating all homemade Christmas presents this year. I guess I can give you a quick teaser of some things coming up and then if there’s anything that you want to see as soon as possible, let me know and I’ll work on that project first.

  • I’m about to start a couple of really personal poems. I can’t say too much because it’s kind of top-secret and I’m incredibly hesitant about writing poetry, but once it is finished I might post a snippet of my attempt here.
  • Scarlet’s side of “The Morning After“; it’s gonna be a good one. Incredibly emotional!
  • I’ve had this idea for a while to do a love story told entirely through heart beats. I have no idea how to even approach this so it may be merged with an experimental piece that was influenced by Margaret Atwood’s “Happy Endings”
  • Maybe I’ll introduce you to Sapphire (he was mentioned at the end of “Imaginary Friends“) I’d kind of like to know a bit more about his story myself.

I felt like I had more to say, but that will have to be all for now.

xo Em 🙂

P.S Merry Christmas if I’m not back before then!


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