Excerpts from the Brye-ble: Opening Scene

Since I haven’t been able to post much recently (exams) and I haven’t been able to write new material (exams) I thought I’d share another excerpt from the Brye-ble.

For those of you who are new followers (hello!) I have been working on this novel since 2010. Now I was only 16 when I started so the plot and characters have changed many times, but Bridget Green and Tye Terrance have been the centre of this project. I then thought I’d create a mini project called the Brye-ble which is a bible like book that contains all the information I have about those two characters.

Here’s the (current) opening scene of Dance Dance Dead. Enjoy.


“5, 6, 7, 8.” Ms. Tiana clapped the beat while the boy with dark hair and gold eyes turned in the center of the room. He glanced at me in the mirror and smiled, causing him to wobble on his turns and fall off balance.  Ms. Tiana sighed.

“Okay, I’m going to get a water.  Keep practicing until I get back, hopefully we can finish this tonight.” Ms. Tiana quickly waved to me before heading out of the room.

“Thanks a lot, Bridge.” The boy said as he prepared for his turning combination once again.

“What did I do?  You’re the one who can’t keep his balance.” I answered coyly.

“If you’re going to be in here, can you at least do something besides standing in the corner?”  He rolled over his ankle and rolled to the ground.  I laughed and then ran beside him, sliding into the splits.

“Better?” I asked.

“Much,” He smiled at me again and I felt the need to change topics quickly.

“Tye, why are you doing a new dance a week before Nationals?  You’ll never be ready in time.” I began looking around the bright coloured room while Tye stared at the floor.

“Thanks Bridge, I really admire your never ending support for me.”  He paused and looked back up at me, “But if you must know, Tiana heard that there will be some tough male competition at Nationals and wanted to make sure I had a solo full of technique,”

“Which clearly isn’t going so well.” I laughed at the fact that he was still lying on the floor, right where he fell.

“Now, now, I’d like to see you do these turns.”

I gladly stood up and motioned for Tye to do the same.  He got up and walked to where I had been standing in the back of the room.  I prepared for my turns and gave him a smirk in the mirror.  No one, not even Tye Terrance was allowed to underestimate my ability.

I was nearly done the combination when Ms. Tiana walked in through the door.  I quickly pulled into a pirouette and dropped to the ground.

“Tye!  Should I be giving this solo to Bridget?  Why is she practicing and you’re sitting in the corner?” Ms. Tiana said.

“I swear I was practicing before she started distracting me.”

I looked at them both, my eyes wide with disbelief, “What?! I did nothing of that sort.  Now, if you must know I came to tell Tye that I’m only waiting ten more minutes before I’m leaving without him.  I have a ballet class early in the morning.”


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