Excerpts from the Brye-ble: Maybe Someday

Hi again! I’m still working on some new material (I have something huge planned for you guys!) but until then I’ll post another excerpt from the Brye-ble.

I’d love to know what you guys think about these characters and if there’s anything specifically that you’d like to see from them. I’m more than happy to wipe something up for you! 🙂

In this scene, Bridget has just dropped off Tye at his house. We see the inside of Bridget’s room for the first time, and get to know a bit more about her feelings towards Tye.



I turned into the hidden driveway at the end of the street and punched in my code to open the Iron Gate.  I parked the car outside the garage and ran inside, leaving my bags in the car.  I had to be up early for a ballet class at 6:30 the next morning and knew I wouldn’t have time to gather all my bags and clothes.

I tiptoed past my parent’s room and into my room at the top of the stairs.  Deciding to skip the shower, I put my iPod on shuffle and grabbed my toothbrush.  Being a dancer, I found it hard to stand still for two minutes, even to brush my teeth.  I danced out of my bathroom to the window on the far end of my bedroom.  Years ago when Tye moved into his house, we found out that if you stand at this window at the right angle you can see his bedroom window.  I turned to see if his light was still on; it was and I could see Tye frowning as he talked on his phone.  I quickly closed my blinds and finished brushing my teeth.  I knew he was talking to his girlfriend, Amy, and for some reason unknown to me it made me angry.  Sure we had both dated plenty of people before, but when people first meet us they always assumed that we’re dating.  We have that special bond, and who am I kidding, I love the attention it gets us.  It’s always kind of been a possibility in the back of my mind; a sort of “maybe someday” wish, but with Amy things had been getting serious.  They had been dating for nearly 10 months now- the longest relationship either of us had had, and with each month he had been dating her, my “maybe someday” wish seemed like less of a possibility and more of a hopeless dream.


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