True or False

l feel like my blog has been relatively serious lately and a lot of it has been focused on my writing. So to change things up a bit, I wanted to do a little game that will help people get to know me! 🙂 Below I will put 10 statements- some true, some false- it is your job to guess which are which!

(Maybe this will be fun and maybe it won’t, who knows.) Leave answers/guesses in the comments below!

1) I’ve been stuck in elevators and freezers which explains why I’m incredibly claustrophobic.

2) I have a very complex relationship with dance and have yet to figure out if it solves my problems or causes them.

3) A complication at my birth caused me to be born with blue skin.

4) I published my first children’s book when I was 16.

5) I love milk.

6) I’ve seen every Phineas and Ferb episode that has ever aired.

7) I have watched Phineas and Ferb episodes in both Spanish and Russian because I couldn’t find the English version.

8) It took me 18 years to decide that I wanted to be a writer.

9) I always retell stories with as much accuracy as I can recall, because the truth is important.

10) I believe that if you’re loud enough anything can happen. By using this method, I have gotten free meals, parking tickets voided and got out of paying a customs fee.

*As a side note, there is a possibility that I will no longer be posting full works of fiction on my blog. As I try to make a career of my writing it’s great to get responses and feedback, but things that I’m looking into require that I don’t pre-publish my writing. I would also hate to be accused of stealing my own writing, so if you see less material, just keep in mind I trying to keep myself safe.*

xo Em


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