Yankee’s Knee Surgery

Hey everyone!

Just popping in for a quick hello.

He didn't want to get up from his nap for a photo!

He didn’t want to get up from his nap for a photo!

Today my family got some not so great news about our dog.

I’m not sure if I’ve introduced him before but he’s a 5 year old Golden Doodle who has been the light of our life for the past few years. He’s energetic and one of the best behaved dogs I’ve ever met. He even has his own Instagram account with cute videos (follow him @yankeethedoodle ) 😛

Unfortunately, today our vet informed us that he had ripped the ligament in his knee and the surgery to fix it costs about the same as my tuition! So to help my family out I’ve started a gofundme campaign. I don’t expect any one to donate but if you feel like helping with even $5 we would be eternally grateful! Please share this post so my family can reach our goal! If we do I promise I’ll post more fiction pieces again haha!

Anyways here’s the link if you want to check it out:


Xo Em (and Yankee)


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