A few days ago I had an idea to write about the different kinds of heartbreak people experience. This is something I probably won’t ever continue or publish, probably because it ended up being more autobiographical than anything. Note: I don’t think I’ve ever had a broken heart, but everything is more dramatic when you pretend you do so here are some words describing heartbreak.

As a side note, I am still accepting donations towards my dog’s surgery and have decided that for every $50 raised in the next two weeks I will write an entirely new piece of fiction. So if you like my writing please donate, because otherwise you won’t be seeing some stuff for a while 😉



Her sob was gut-wrenching and pulled me away from my room. She sat there on her bed, surrounded by those who loved her.

She cried for her loss. They cried because they had to tell her.



It was thirteen months of back and forths; of stolen glances and secret thrills.

He ruined her.

He taught her that some men love what they cannot have and as soon as it becomes available to them, they run away.

He was a coward who stole her heart. And she, the victim that kept returning.



When her dad cried, it meant that something big was changing. She learned to recognize the signs. She knew when to put on her brave face.

Her dad cried when she graduated and what she left the world that was constantly building her up, in order to her tear her back down.

He cried when he lost his empire.

He cried when he thought he had broken his daughter’s heart.

He cried when things were out of his control. That was out of her control and for that she felt



She was scared to love again. But eventually she started to give in.

It was her friends’ fault. They pressured her; they told her how amazing he was; they teased her about their date.

And just when she started to really fall for him, she found silence. Nothing but one-sided conversations and comments left un-replied.

She promised to never fall so easily because it just ended up with a broken heart and nothing to show for it.



Her stomach dropped. She felt like she was on fire.

It was the first major assignment of her University career. She had tried so hard to fly under the radar and just do all her work.

“F. Come see me.”



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