It was Vincent’s 19th birthday today. She had it memorized.

“We should go out tonight,” she told Sophia.

She didn’t typically like to go out. In fact she wasn’t even a huge drinker. But it was Vincent’s birthday, and she didn’t want to miss it.

Of course, she didn’t tell Sophia that it was his birthday. She could already imagine her response if she knew.

“Rose, I will not let you go out tonight. What if you run into him?”

What if that was the plan? What if all Rose wanted to do was to see Vincent one more time.

They stopped talking a few years ago. Rose was leaving for school and Vincent had broken her heart many times by then. She didn’t want to constantly run back to him- but there was just something….

Instead, Sophia loved the idea. She jumped off the couch and started rummaging through her closet, looking for something to wear.

Rose already had her outfit planned.

A tight red pencil skirt and low V-neck crop top were folded on her bed. Her best push-up bra tucked carefully underneath.

Her dark brown hair was already curled and pulled away from her face.

Rose looked into her mirror as she finished her smoky eyes. She looked amazing and she knew it. She was more than ready to face Vincent.

It was a short walk from their apartment to the club downtown. The club was one which, from a little social media stalking, Rose knew Vincent and his friends would be attending.

The late summer air was thick and humid. Her hair was starting to frizz out of control. It all would have been unbearable if there wasn’t a cool night breeze.

“I’m so glad you wanted to go out tonight! You never want to go out with me and my friends.” Sophia shouted over the music. They were still in line, but inching closer to the front every couple of minutes.

“Well, you know, school’s starting up soon and then we’ll never get to go out. Might as well get a few more trips in now!” Rose replied.

They showed their IDs and walked into the club. It was still fairly early so it wasn’t yet packed. Rose just hoped Vincent would get there while there was still elbow-room!

“I’m gonna go get a drink! Do you want anything?” Sophia yelled.

“I’ll come with you!” Rose tried to ignore the shocked look on Sophia’s face. Rose only went near the bar when she was planning on getting wasted.

Like I said, Rose had a plan.

Three vodka shots and a Sex on the Beach later, Rose felt like she could do anything.

“Whoo! I love this song!” She called out, motioning to Sophia who stood nearby in total amusement.

“What are you doing Sop? Come dance with me, bitch!” Rose grabbed Sophia’s hands and pulled her towards the middle of the dance floor.

She threw her arms above her head and started singing along. She attempted a hair flip and stumbled backwards.

“Woah, careful!” An arm wrapped around her side and pushed her back into a standing position. Rose spun around about to thank her Prince Charming.

“Thanks- Vincent.” She stared at him in awe. Damn he looked good.

“Rose! Hey! I didn’t think I’d be running into you here,” he put his drink to his lips and took a long sip, “Rose, you look…beautiful.”

Her stomach did that little flip that he was notorious for inflicting upon her.

Beautiful. He had called her that before…right before she caught him kissing that little redhead on the second floor staircase.

That sobered her up real quick. A minute ago she thought she might have done something stupid, like blush and accept his comment. Now she could feel her eyes pooling with hatred.

“I know,” she said.

“Rose, come on, those guys over there want to dance,” Sophia came skipping over, “Oh, hey Vincent.”

“Hey Sophia,”

Sophia took one look at Rose and quickly pulled her away. She knew what Vincent did to her. Rose would lose all her rationality. She would spend the night trying to impress him, only to hear more empty promises that sent her into an emotional relapse.

But not tonight.

Tonight, Sophia was on top of it. Or at least she’d tried to be. She was feeling kinda drunk.

Tonight, Rose had a plan. And it involved little to do with Vincent.

The girls headed over towards the guys waiting for them. One of them handed Rose a drink. She turned it down.

“Let’s dance instead,” she sang.

And so Rose and Sophia spent the entire night dancing and talking with these other boys. Rose was genuinely having a good time, and didn’t even bother to look over at the bar when Vincent’s friends starting cheering for him to chug his beer. No, it seemed as though she was truly over him this time.

In fact, Rose was just about to leave with what’s-his-face when Vincent strolled over and tapped her on the shoulder.

“Hey, Rose, it was great seeing you tonight. We should go out sometime? You know, get caught up.”

She laughed. She actually laughed. After all those times of her asking him out when they were both completely available and nursing a mutual crush, he turned her down. He turned her down and kept her heart just out of her reach.

Now she was about to go home and sleep with some guy who’s name kept slipping her foggy mind. Now Vincent wanted her.

Now she had him just where she wanted him.

She passed her laugh off as the cute, shy laugh she was known for, and politely sent the other boy away.

“You wanna go out with me?” She asked Vincent.

“Uh, yeah, I mean,” Vincent rubbed his neck nervously, “I just mean it’s been a while, you know?”

“Mmhmm,” Rose took a step closer.

“So when do you think you’ll be free?”

“I’m free right now,” Rose grabbed his shirt collar and pulled him after her towards a more isolated corner.

She roughly pushed Vincent against the wall and stared into his eyes.

“Was I not good enough for you before?” She kissed his neck, “Before I started showing interest in someone who wasn’t you?” She moved her lips up to his jaw and kissed a line to his ear.

“It’s not like that, Rose,”

“Oh really?” She hummed. “What’s it like then?”

He moaned as she licked his earlobe, “You…looked really hot tonight.”

“Yes, I know.” She stopped kissing him and looked in his eyes again. He was so confused. Poor confused little heartbreaker.

“Vincent, do you want me to keep kissing you?” She asked sweetly.

He nodded his head and she kissed the corners of his mouth. She pulled away when he tried to catch her lips with his.

“No,” she whispered then looked towards the door, “You know that other boy was really cute, and he liked me. He’s waiting for me you know.”

“Rose, please,” he begged. He had never begged for her before. She wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol of the idea of power, but she felt great pleasure in this moment.

“Please what?”

“Kiss me.”

“Okay,” She grabbed his face in her hands and crushed her lips into his.

He moaned and tried to take control. She closed her lips tight. She would use tongue when she wanted to use tongue.

Her hands slid away from his face and to his shoulders. His hands tried to creep under her shirt. Rose pushed them back onto her hips.

Yes, she enjoyed kissing Vincent. She had been waiting for a moment like this. But it was getting done on her terms. She was in charge for once.

She opened her mouth and Vincent immediately slid his tongue through her lips. Rose moved away and started kissing his neck again.

Vincent’s hands grabbed her hips tighter as she sucked the spot below his ear.

“Rose,” he was begging again and she loved it.

She gave in and went back to his lips. Their kiss was heated and furious. Rose knew it wouldn’t be much longer until Vincent tried to get her to leave with him. She was enjoying the kiss and was afraid to keep it going for much longer.

She tried to make sense of what she was doing through the fogginess in her mind. She couldn’t find anything to hold on to. Just the phrase “I have a plan” that she kept repeating over and over again.

Vincent’s hands moved along the waistband on her skirt. She was losing control.

She bit his lip. Hard.

His hands stopped and she ran her tongue over his lips, giving him a brief soothing moment before she bit him again. She could taste a little bit of blood now and she moved away from Vincent. He was panting and he looked both pained and incredibly aroused.


“Well, I think I’m going to call it a night.” Rose said as she smoothed down her top and skirt.

“Will I-” his voiced cracked and he tried clearing his throat, “Will I see you again?”

“No,” she smiled.

Rose turned around and walked away. Once outside the door, she found Sophia and the boys. She apologized for holding them up and linked arms with her boy.

She smiled at Sophia as they waited for a taxi.

Sweet, sweet revenge.


Hello! I wasn’t really planning on posting a story any time soon but this popped into my head during my bus ride home and well I had to write it down.

I don’t typically like to reuse names in my stories, but “Vincent” is a name that I used in a screenplay I wrote a few years ago. Vincent is 100% based off of someone I know/used to know.

I’d like to thank S for helping me come up with the other names and helping me with my lack of alcohol experience. I’ve never been drunk, but for some reason drunk make-out sessions are my favourite thing to write.

Any-who, I hope you enjoy this- leave a comment so I know your thoughts 🙂

xo Em


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